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Enhance your event and bring it to a whole new level with our standard and additional amenities...

Lighting Design is one of the easiest ways to enhance any event space. NewCity Entertainment can transform any room into an enchanting environment that will excite your visual senses. At NewCity Entertainment we use the latest in full spectrum LED technology paired with custom software to deliver a fully customizable visually pleasing experience. Whether you are looking to completely wash a room with color, or just accent one or two key features custom lighting design can truly be a work of art. Warm up a cold space, cool down a hot dance floor, pin spot accent your cake, draw attention to your head table, custom lighting design provides so many options to enhance your guests experience.

Whether its in addition to your traditional guestbook or a stand alone experience; NewCity Entertainment's Video Guestbook is a great way to capture and preserve memories from your special day. Our Video Guestbook is an attractive Ipad kiosk that uses a custom built app that allows us to design and build a template that matches your color palate. It is so simple to use your guest simply walks up, types in their name and email address and presses record; they then leave you up to a one minute video message with their well wishes. After all of your guests have had time to use the video guest book we then download all of the memories on to a customized flash drive and deliver it to the Bride and Groom as a keepsake.

Provide your guests a fun and memorable experience with a keepsake to take home. NewCity Entertainment's Photobooth adds a whole new dimension to the fun. Our traditional photobooth is an attractive add on to any event and comes standard with everything you need to capture great moments; including the funny gag props, lots of feather boa's and cool guy shades just to name a few. Allow us to design a custom template for your events prints that will remind your guests where that great moment happened.

Customize your photobooth experience with our incredible selection of options: Green screen allows us to transport you anywhere in the world with amazing backgrounds. Slow-Motion is a hilarious way to capture you and your friends re-enacting the air guitar solo from your favorite song. Or better yet put the camera in everyone's hands and let us create a custom #hashtag for your event; our photobooth's computer will then compile and display all of the #hashtag photos in a live stream where you and your guests can select the ones you want and print them on the spot to have forever.

With all of our photobooth options you can immediately upload and share your photos to any social media platform you can also share via email or text message. At the end of the night all of the photo's taken at your event are downloaded onto a customized flash drive and delivered to the host as a keepsake. This way you can make life size card board cutouts!

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No one likes to be without his or her mobile devices. Thanks to NewCity Entertainment's Mobile Device Charging stations no one has to be. With the capability of charging up to 10 devices at once and convenience of universal compatibility this attractive charging station is sure to be a life savor and an amenity that your guests will thank you for. Phone's, camera's, tablets, laptops, anything that has a battery can be quickly re-charged at your event.

Looking to make an elegant statement of opulence or do you need to cover up an un-attractive service entrance or mechanical room door? NewCity Entertainment has the luxury drape options you are looking for. From 7ft trade show drape to 16ft high multi layer custom back drops complete with crystal embellishments. Our staff has the know how and training necessary to execute your vision. When used in tandem with NewCity Entertainment's lighting design Pipe and Drape can be a striking addition to any event.